How to save your sanity and get a better Minecraft launcher - Minecraft Part 1

This guide will tell you how to install a better minecraft launcher. We're using ATLauncher as an example, as it runs well on even the worst hardware, and supports all types of unmodded and modded games


You might wonder why I seem to think that the default Minecraft launcher is sanity destroying. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but it still has a lot of short comings that are fixed in other launchers

Modding - The main reason is modpacks and semi-vanilla games. If you want to use an older version in the default launcher, you have to make a new instance, select the version from the stupidly long dropdown. If you want to install Fabric or Forge then you have to install that yourself. Furthermore, AtLauncher in paticular works a lot better, you can install the correct version of Fabric or Forge for your version of Minecraft with a few clicks, which would be a lot more tedious on the vanilla launcher.

Multiple Sources - launchers such as ATLauncher and Prism Launcher allow you to download mods from both CurseForge and Modrinth (which is a much nice platform than CurseForge) unlike other modpack launchers.

Ok, so how do install it then?

You can download ATLauncher from here and you can also use Prism Launcher but I wont be covering it here (It's still very good - it's just not one I've used.

Last Updated: 2023/03/14 09:30